a brick tower rises from a labyrinthine base inside matteo arnone's casa attico in brazil

a brick tower rises from a labyrinthine base inside matteo arnone's casa attico in brazil

casa attico by atelier matteo arnone


In the north-east of Brazil, on the shore of São Miguel do Gostoso, Casa Attico emerges as one of the recent and characteristic projects of architecture and urban design studio Atelier Matteo Arnone. Made of brickwork and concrete, the residence takes on a unique, circular morphology and position, both influenced by the regional winds. Its concrete foundation reveals an exposed, almost labyrinthine layout with a brick core shaped like a tower that rises just enough from the dunes to capture scenic views of the Brazilian sea, becoming a reference point for the landscape. 

casa attico atelier matteo arnone 2
all images © Federico Cairoli



a sweeping morphology inspired by the movement of wind


Observing both sections and plans of Casa Attico, one understands Matteo Arnone’s willingness (see more here) to capture the natural ventilation coming from the east and drive it across every corner of the living spaces. On the ground floor, the house is shaped like a wind machine. From the east, the wind penetrates the patios and circulates geometrically according to the shape of the walls, breaking strength and aerating the four symmetric bedrooms. At the tower level, the wind rises in between the two layers of brickwork composing its wall structures. The central kitchen, positioned to overlook four patios, serves as the focal point of the ground floor. Its symmetrical placement creates the core of the house, connecting with the living spaces.

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Casa Attico by Atelier Matteo Arnone rises amid dunes in Brazil



Matteo Arnone and his team mainain visual continuity between the kitchen and first floor of Casa Attico through a circular opening that leads to the living room and office area. ‘As one ascends, a sense of privacy intensifies, offering a feeling of seclusion amidst the expansive natural surroundings. This sensation culminates on the top floor, where a compact space provides a panoramic view of the landscape, allowing for quiet contemplation,’ concludes the architect. 

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a circular morphology inspired by eastern winds

casa attico atelier matteo arnone 7
a brick tower rises from the core

casa attico atelier matteo arnone 5
cicular openings and layouts take over the design of Casa Attico

casa attico atelier matteo arnone 10


casa attico atelier matteo arnone 11
view of the kitchen

casa attico atelier matteo arnone 12

casa attico atelier matteo arnone 9
the house is shaped as would be a wind machine on the ground floor



project info:


name: Casa Attico

location: São Miguel do Gostoso, Brazil
architect: Atelier Matteo Arnone | @matteoarnone

team: Matteo Arnone, Laura Tagliavini, Daniel Cha

structural & foundation engineer: SP Project / Miguel Brazão, Paulo Freire

systems engineer: João Claudinei Alves (JCF projetos e construções

structural system: In-situ cast concrete, load bearing brick walls

main materials: Brickwork and concrete

photographer: Federico Cairoli | @federicocairoli

construction period: 2022-2023

completion year: 2023



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