architecture studio tikari works wraps 'a room around a tree' in south london

architecture studio tikari works wraps 'a room around a tree' in south london

embracing nature with a garden home


British firm Tikari Works takes to South London to complete this sinuous dwelling dubbed ‘A Room around a Tree.’ The project has been designed to merge modern design with its tree-filled site. Commissioned by a client with a vision of a multi-purpose garden room and terrace, the house is artfully wrapped around a majestic Lebanese Cedar. The primary objective was to provide flexible living space for a growing family while simultaneously crafting a sanctuary that maintains privacy from neighbors.

tikari room around treeimages © Dan Glasser



the canopy roof woven around a tree


At the core of Tikari Studio’s ‘A Room around a Tree’ is a primary design concept — a roof that behaves as an expansive canopy, intricately weaving between the branches of the woodland setting. Constructed with engineered timber beams and supported by slender steel columns, this roof serves as a unifying architectural device while transitioning between indoor spaces and sheltered outdoor areas. The layout and structure were carefully crafted by the architects to safeguard the roots of the venerable cedar, employing a floating foundation ring beam and mini-piled foundations to minimize the building’s impact on the natural surroundings.

tikari room around tree



The roof grid introduces a dynamic interplay between orthogonal geometry and curvilinear building edges. Responding to the environment and diverse functions, the roof expands and compresses, creating a positive tension within the space. Clad in custom spray-finished corrugated steel panels, the roof appears to hover over the landscape, establishing a delicate equilibrium between the architectural intervention and the natural canopy of the cedar.

tikari room around tree



inside the home crafted by tikari works


Inside, the architects have embraced a palette of expressive materials left in their exposed state, infusing the home with a sense of raw vibrancy. The deep beams of the roof add depth and drama, while black-stained timber intentionally takes a backseat, allowing the vibrant colors of the garden to take center stage. A curved structural glazed facade blurs the boundaries between inside and outside, providing the internal spaces with a fluid connection to the lush garden setting.

A series of handcrafted bespoke elements designed and built by Tikari Works punctuate the interiors. An oak kitchen, a concrete cast sink pedestal, and a movable storage unit contribute to the flexibility of layouts and room reconfiguration. These bespoke elements not only serve practical purposes but also contribute to the overall harmony of the space, showcasing the attention to detail that defines ‘A Room around a Tree.’

architecture studio tikari works wraps 'a room around a tree' in south london architecture studio tikari works wraps 'a room around a tree' in south london


tikari room around tree



project info:


project title: Room Around a Tree

architecture: Tikari Works | @tikariworks

location: South London, England

completion: October 2023

photography: © Dan Glasser | @danglasser


project team: Ty Tikari, Nicola Tikari, Tom Fairley
structural engineer: Built Engineers
specialist craftsmen: VT Construct
engineered timber: Kerto S-beams supplied by DG Timber
exposed blockwork: Colinwell Masonry

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